Vista Mar, a stunning luxury villa in Ibiza

Imagine a building that almost falls over the sea of Ibiza. This is Vista Mar, a luxury villa located in the North part of the island that offers a 180-degree view of the Mediterranean across its terraces and an amazing infinity pool.

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This masterpiece made by designer Jose Gandia Blasco has a capacity up t 12 guests plus 4 service bedrooms and one of the best views you can enjoy in the island.

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Six double bedrooms with platform beds are completed with wood panelling in the bathrooms, which give this villa a minimalistic style where simplicity is the key of a total respect for the view, giving every bedroom the sense of a real sanctuary.

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On the outside, four terraces merge into the swimming pool that seems to fall directly into the sea and two lower terraces offer private spaces for relax and for enjoying the amazing views. Inside, on the other hand, high ceilings and clean lines mixed with white furniture become the protagonists of this amazing villa.

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Finally, the main living room is occupied with a ten-seat dining table and a wood panelling and a blue wall that seems to melt with the views of the sea behind.

If you want more information about Vista Mar, contact us and start planning an amazing stay in Ibiza.

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