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Tunateca Balfegó, an ode to red tuna in Barcelona

Are you a fan of tuna? Barcelona has just welcomed the first gastronomic space dedicated to this animal in the city. Tunateca Balfegó is the name of this project created by Grup Balfegó, a company specialized on the fishing of red tuna.

Located right in the centre of the city, this new concept offers the visitants not only a complete menu focused on this ingredient but also a centre of information and culture.


With more than 300 squared meters, the restaurant offers different variety of dishes: sashimi, nigiris, temaki or uramaki. In addition, Tunateca Balfegó also offers some different proposals: a belly sandwich with mozzarella and green tea bread, a loin ceviche with tomato and an emulsion of ají and corianders or a glazet collar with fennel, lime dressing and green chilli among many others.


With the aim of becoming a true reference point of this ingredient and this cuisine in Barcelona, Tunateca Balfegó will also hold events, workshops and much more.


Stay tuned to their website here.

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The author: alizeelifestyle