Take care of yourself with a Vitamindrip® treatment in Ibiza

Ibiza has become, over the past few years, one of the top destinations in the world for getting beauty and detox treatments. Its beautiful landscapes, plus the enormous wellness treatments available and the oasis that the island becomes during the low season are the perfect ingredientes for a break dedicated to treat yourself in any time of the year.

ibiza beauty treatment

One of their top available services are Vitamindrip®, a treatment that enriches your body with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that has become a top choice for the celebrities, because of its effectiveness. It is with good reason that Vitamindrip® is much more effective than taking vitamins orally, because the treatment is applied in an intramuscular or intravenous way, letting the nutrients enter the bloodstream directly and helping the body healing itself.

The number of services available on the intramuscular treatments depend on what you’re looking for: you can get a B12 shot, which increases your energy; you can get a detox treatment that helps boosts your metabolism; an immunity care dedicated to heal you immune system; a mood care one with vitamins that help to promote calmness or a skin care treatment to give yourself a healthy glow in the skin.

ibiza beauty treatment

The intravenous treatments, on the other hand, are created as it follows: an hydration treatment used for exercised fatigue or general exhaustion; an immune support with vitamin C and other compounds used as cellular antioxidants; a rejuvenation treatment dedicated to slow down the aging process, and a quick immune or a quick vitamin C boost.

All of these treatments can be completed with a whole detox weekend package, that can include some SPA experiences, a yoga retreat with a private teacher or a disconnection weekend in one of the most beautiful islands in Spain.

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