Soho House will open a new beach hotel in El Garraf

Imagine a beach hotel located on the seafront in Garraf Coast, very close to Barcelona, built and designed with the savoir-faire of Soho House, one of the most exclusive clubs in the world.

It looks like it’s already a reality in the making, since the hotels company has already announced its construction with an investment of more than 700.000 euros.  bayside_updated_crop

After buying the old Hotel Garraf, located in the coast that joins the beautiful coast towns of Castelldefels and Sitges, this new construction will enjoy the magic of a small beach, where it will be placed, and will be dedicated to satisfy the needs of those clients who look for luxury in a unique area.

Although there are not many details announced yet, it looks like the Soho Beach House Miami (in the pictures) could be its big brother, taking as a reference the British and rustic interior design and mixing it with a complete offer of restaurants, a spa, a bookshop and even a private cinema.

Soho Beach House Miami

The hotel will also focus on offering a complete gastronomical experience, a huge offer of cocktails for the clients to enjoy them by the sea and a pretty busy night activity.

Soho Beach House Miami

The author: alizeelifestyle