samar ibiza

Samar Ibiza, tradition and quality

If you happen to be in Ibiza these days and you’re looking for a place to enjoy some traditional meal with the best quality, you should definitely consider Samar06 Located at Jaime Street, the restaurant defines itself as the paradise for lovers of seafood and fish, a space in which the quality and freshness of its products prevail above everything else.

Seafood trays, Spanish oysters, prawns, mussels, red shrimps… are some of their specialties, along with some of the amazing signature dishes by its chef, such as ceviches and tartar. 10In addition, another one of the best things of Samar Ibiza is their wines offer, full of different denominations, and its decoration, with a great terrace that becomes the perfect place to enjoy a traditional meal with friends in Ibiza. 08More | La Imprenta, a door to the past in Ibiza

The author: alizeelifestyle