A Private Cooking Session with the great chef Jean-Luc Figueras

Discover the secret of the Spanish and Mediterranean food with the Michelin French Chef, Jean-Luc Figueras.

The experience will start at La Boqueria, in the heart of La Rambla, is one of Barcelona’s most interesting markets and the most visited market of Europe. It is a place where you can enjoy a lively, vibrant atmosphere in surroundings where the cries of the stallholders and the daily bustle intermingle.

Jean-Luc Figueras will lead you through the market, explaining the local and seasonal products available and their applications in cooking. We will leave with enormous amount of food knowledge, shopping hints, lots of hot recommendations and tricks of what to buy, how and when is the best time to buy each product.

Following the visit we will for a full breakfast at a restaurant nearby. After breakfast, the cooking course will start at Jean Luc’s restaurant. Here you will have the unique opportunity to join a private cooking class by one of the best chefs in the city. Following the cooking class we’ll stay for a complete gourmet lunch at the 1 Michelin star restaurant. Housed in a former palace, this is one of the most highly recommended places to dine in Barcelona. The setting is modern and refined, and the cookery is both traditional and innovative, as Figueras stamps every dish with his own personal touch. Highly dedicated to staying on top, Figueras is a seeker of the finest raw materials on the Barcelona market, and his menu is adjusted to take advantage of the best produce in any season. The emphasis is on fresh seafood, although his meat dishes are also sublime. Price includes: • Full gourmet breakfast • Gastronomic walking tour and cooking class by Jean Luc Figueras • Gourmet menu at Jean Luc Figueras restaurant, 1 Michelin star

The author: Alizee Lifestyle