Paradiso, your clandestine cocktails bar in Barcelona

If you’re a foodie connected to Barcelona you’ve probably already heard of Rooftop Smokehouse, a gastronomic project that has been present in different food markets and events around the city and that has now opened its first permanent spot in the city, Pastrami Bar, located in the neighborhood of Born, at Carrer Rera Palau 4.

What you probably didn’t know is that the restaurant is connected to a clandestine cocktails bar, Paradiso, that you can enter through a secret door, and that brings you to the most authentic bars of the prohibition era.

pastrami bar barcelona

Giacomo Giannotti is his bartender chief, devoted to offer great cocktails and unique creations to the public in an affordable way. The best part? You can enjoy your drink while you taste one of their Pastrami sandwiches until 2 am in the morning.

With a very unique decoration, Paradiso offers you some amazing inventions such as a re-filtered whisky (they separate the mature part of the drink, with a wood aroma, and create a tea sorbet with it) or Gianotti’s great creation, L’aroma di Sylvia.

paradiso barcelona

If you’re coming for a visit to Barcelona, you can’t miss Pastrami Bar and Paradiso cocktail bar, a unique spot in the middle of one of the most bustling areas in the city.

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