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Meet Mr.Robinson, the new hype in Barcelona

Barceloneta has certainly become, over the past few years, in one of the most important areas of Barcelona when it comes to tourism. For this reason, finding a good place to eat is sometimes a bit tricky.

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Mr. Robinson is the last addition to this offer and it’s becoming quite a hype in the city. Mixing together the influences of its three owners (one from Argentina, one from Swedish and one from Uruguay), their culinary proposal takes a little bit of every continent, creating flavors capable of transporting you to Japan, Italy or Brazil.


Their menu is simple but efficient: a brunch, sandwiches, hamburgers and more sophisticated options for the night. In addition , you can enjoy their cocktails and even live music several times of the week.


If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a good meal close to the beach, you can’t definitely miss Mr.Robinson. Take a look to their website here.


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The author: alizeelifestyle