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Mala Hierba, a new gastronomic treasure in Barcelona

You will need to get to Vallcarca to taste it, but we can promise it will be worth it. Mala Hierba is the project created by Napolitan chef Fabio Gambirasi and Roser, a passionate about health and sustainability, where old Casa Fausto was located.

Talking about Mala Hierba is talking about something more than a restaurant. It is a restaurant, of course, but it is also a cozy spot where you will feel like if you were entering their own home. It is a place to discover new amazing food combinations with special attention on flavor and environmentalism. And it is also  an oasis of peace and quiet, with a minimalist but very personal decoration.

mala hierba barcelona

With their own garden providing their vegetables and fresh herbs, the menu is unique and very personal.You can not miss the chance of tasting their anchovies with sweet potato and their own smoked butter; the combination of white aubergine with black garlic, basil and stracciatella; their beef ‘picaña’ with tonatta sauce, celery and crunchy capers or their amazing desserts – special mention to their incredible peanut homemade ice-cream or their special tiramisú.

mala hierba barcelonaLess than a year after its opening, Mala Hierba has been selected by Time Out magazine as one of the three best restaurants in the city. If you want to taste their unique proposal and enjoy an excellent dinner with the best of attentions, Mala Hierba is the place to be.

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