Detox Retreat: A new way to start the season in Ibiza!

A new season is starting in Ibiza this week! The best way to start the season is by coming to Ibiza for a Detox retreat.

This retreat is for people wishing to begin a fresh journey into their wellbeing. We explore detoxing on many levels, making simple and effective changes to individual lifestyles, which make a ‘spring board’ for a new life. The retreat is about balance and ultimately realising that health and wellbeing is a pleasurable and fun experience, it is not about suffering or deprivation. Here focus is on the detoxification of the mind and body through healthy food and juicing (including a one-day full juice fast), as well as supportive cleansing therapies and yoga classes.

Your hosts indulge you with top quality yoga, sensual treats, a liberating clifftop meditation, a range of deeply healing therapies, bountiful organic and delicious meals and high-end pampering. Contact us if you wish to book your next retreat.



The author: Alizee Lifestyle