Ibiza in Xmas time? Make your holidays even more magical at La Granja

Xmas time is the perfect time of the year to spend some relaxing days abroad, specially in those places that become even more quiet during this season.

Ibiza is a beautiful island with lots of unique spots, restaurants and amazing luxury villas to rent where you can enjoy all kind of amenities and incredible experiences, specially during the low-season, where the island becomes kind of a deserted spot in Spain.

One of these spots is La Granja, a members-only retreat created by the company Design Hotels and launched in collaboration with an association devoted to the cultivation of art and inner garners called Friends of Farmer.

La Granja Ibiza

La Granja Ibiza

Marked by classical Iberian architecture and traces of Moorish influences, La Granja has only nine guestrooms in their building ‘The Farmhouse‘, a once-private residence that now includes intimate rooms, some others with a private garden or terrace and suites.

In addition, those who are looking for something even more peaceful, Guesthouse is a separated building located 50 meters away from the Farmhouse that includes two separate bedrooms.

La Granja Ibiza

To complete this amazing experience, La Granja completes its offer with an amazing culinary proposal designed by chef José Catrimán, a menu that embraces the Mediterranean diet and invites the guests to share a vast assortment of farm-grown fruit and vegetables in a helthy menu full of fresh slow food that is served at the communal table.

La Granja Ibiza

La Granja Ibiza

Experiences such as Sundays with Live Music,Yoga classes in their inner gardens or full moon rituals are only some of the extra experiences you can have in this incredible spot in the middle of the nature, the best place to spend some amazing days for ouselves.

Learn more about La Granja here.

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