Gastronomy in Barcelona

Gastronomy-in-BarcelonaThe gastronomy in Barcelona has an original Mediterranean taste due to its closeness to the sea and to the mountains. Since the Roman age it has been influenced by Italian, French, Greek, Arab and Jewish cuisine. The most traditional dishes can be found in the Catalan restaurants or in the so-called “Tapas” bars where the cuisine is based on fresh seasonal foods with vegetables, olive oil, seafood and meat as a central part of the food.

The amount of restaurants, bars, cafés and bakeries in Barcelona in Barcelona seems unlimited, you can choose anything from traditional Spanish or Catalan restaurants to very trendy restaurants in interesting surroundings.

Eating out in the city is definitely one of the best things you can do here, simply because of the delicate mix of both tradition and innovations, thanks to the ifluences of many different cultures.

Barcelona is booming and new restaurants are constantly opening throughout the city. From the new typical Mexican restaurant by the Adrià´s brother, to higher-hand designed restaurants on the port, Barcelona has a large variety of gastronomic gems, that Alizée will test especially for you.

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The author: Alizee Lifestyle