Enigma, the most ambitious project of Albert Adrià, is already opened

Adrià Brothers are taking Barcelona, that’s a fact. After the success of Tickets, Pakta, Bodega 1900, Niño Viejo and Hoja Santa, ‘El Barri’ (the group formed by the two chefs and Iglesias brothers) has just opened it most ambitious project, Enigma. And the name has been carefully chosen.

Everything about Enigma is an enigma. An enigma for their costumers and even for its creators, that decided to close El Bulli some years ago and that now present this new proposal, located in Eixample neighborhood, and that some might say it could be a dignified successor to their first project, where they created what is known as ‘molecular cuisine‘.

enigma restaurant

700 square meters for only 20 guests. That is the idea behind this space designed by RCR Arquitectes, a space with a futuristic atmosphere that you can only access by putting a personal code and where you will be able to test around 50 different proposals for around 250 euros each, including beverage. Its objective? Leave the routine behind and look for incentives to enjoy.

If you take a look to their website you won’t learn much: they don’t publish the menu anywhere. In fact, it’s part of the surprise you will have once you’re eating there.  Taking pictures is only permitted for personal use, so you won’t find a lot about Enigma on social media.

enigma restaurant

What is know, though, is that here you will enjoy a dinner of minimum 3 hours that will include dishes such as goat belly with pomegranate, raspberry pods with dill and sour cream, and more. And no vegetarian menu.

As for the space, Enigma has another ‘trip’ prepared for you, with seven different areas for every format: a part with a grill called ‘La plantxa’ or ‘La Barra’, where a bartender prepares drinks and snacks in front of the customers, among others.

enigma restaurant

Definitely, a worth trying restaurant where you will be able to enjoy Adrià brothers’ cuisine in all its splendor. Contact us to book a table at Enigma.

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The author: alizeelifestyle