El Bigotes, a classic in Ibiza

If you talk with someone that has been traveling to Ibiza season after season over the past 40 years, they have probably been more than once at El Bigotes, one of the classic beach restaurants in the island.

Located in Cala Mastella, this charming spot is lead by Juan Ferrer and his family, who have become quite famous in the island for the ‘Bullit de peix‘ (a traditional fish dish) and the looks of his restaurant, that seem to be floating over the water and that keeps a traditional boat right in front of the restaurant.

el bigotes ibiza

It has been a classic for the island and also for celebrities and tourists that are aware of something: if you want to enjoy a meal here you can not be late. The meal is served at 2 pm and, after that, there’s no chance of enjoying the lunch here. Opened from 12 pm (when you can enjoy some fresh fish and salads), the restaurant only offers its guests the traditional Bullit. That’s it. And more than enough for those who visit this restaurant religiously year after year. As a desert, fresh fruit.

As for the location, it hasn’t changed a bit in the past few years. With wonderful views of the beach (it may seem that you are not in front but right above the water), this beach restaurant continues to keep its rustic and old looks. With that, the uniqueness of their top dish and the familiar tradition, a great experience at El Bigotes is assured. You can’t miss it.

el bigotes ibiza

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The author: alizeelifestyle