Casa Vicens Gaudí, a new jewel to discover in Barcelona

As you may already know, one of the top reasons for coming to Barcelona is its architecture. For that reason, the option of enjoying a new jewel is always a good idea.

As it was recently announced, Casa Vicens Gaudí will open its doors next Autumn, at the end of 2017, becoming the 8th building in the city catalogued as World Heritage Site that will be opened to visitors, a list completed by La Pedrera, Casa Batlló and Palau de la Música, among many others.

casa vicens gaudi

Why is Casa Vicens Gaudí such an important building? It was the first house made by Gaudí after he got his degree in architecture in Barcelona in 1883.

After being a private house for more than 100 years, the building is a jewel of architecture: covered in bricks and ceramics, with arabic and medieval influences, it is kind of classic for that time but it also starts to show some of the elements that were going to be present in his future works, with that creational freedom that defined his architecture.

casa vicens gaudi

For its big opening to the public, the renovation has been made by architects José Antonio Martínez Lapeña, Elías Torres and David García, that have been very careful about maintaining the original spirit of the house.

Casa Vicens Gaudí will open its doors in Barcelona soon and certainly will become another of the top reasons to visit the city. If you want to start planning yours, contact us here.

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The author: alizeelifestyle