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AYA Retreats™, a reconnection with your mind and body

Let’s face it: we all live stressful lives. Work, family and even our social commitments can make us feel stressed and overwhelmed sometimes. And at this point, we can’t help but wonder: how are we going to reconnect with our body and mind? How are we going to heal all these problems?10e9ba83-710b-4fc7-9b44-b65bb804ee79 AYA Retreats™ is an approach to wellbeing and healthy lifestyle based on two principles: re-energising and detoxifying our body and mind through a unique experience where you will be able to enjoy the support of healthy and holistic coaches. Basically, the retreats offer alternative therapies, yoga and meditation approaches, as well as beauty treatments; and will take place in Ibiza from March 31st to April 5th.991e17dd-3ba4-4542-8b69-ecd58e1d7f6d
The possibilities are endless: power therapies that include acupuncture or therapeutic massages; energy therapies like Reiki; mind therapies to enhance the mind’s positive impact on the body through yoga, mindfulness & meditation; or even an organic shop where you will be able to find a selection of cosmetics and health products made by our team of experts. And if this wasn’t enough, the retreat also focus on programs to discover healthy eating habitsf8a3ea77-5c8b-4d98-8e4d-fa52f60b38ec
With a capacity of maximum 12 people, you will enjoy a retreat in a private ecovilla in Ibiza, the perfect environment to relax and reconnect with yourself, that will include:

·A wellness coach: with both workshops and private consultation.

·A private chef.

·Daily yoga and meditation practices.

·Daily holistic practices.

Want to know more and start taking care of yourself again? Visit our website to know more here.77634320-1197-4704-9e6c-c059dc34d551More | Activities & experiences

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