Alizée Lifestyle covered in the new guide of luxury & excellence in Spain

Alizee Lifestyle & Lookxury


Lookxury is an editorial product of Grupo Gestiona. A corporate media leaders in Spain with a presence throughout the country and media ranging from newspapers and specialized publications to audiovisual and online newspapers.

With special focus on the economic and financial information, the Group manages publishes magazines Capital, Capital ARTE and Limited Edition; What weeklies! And Diario Financiero; the and digital; and it owns the radio stations Radio and Manage What! Radio.

Throughout their publishing history, they have been built up an extensive knowledge of many of the productive sectors as part of economic activity in Spain. This vision has allowed them to confirm the growing importance in recent years of prestige products.

This evidence has prompted them to edit the first major guidance on the luxury sector. An initiative that aims to value firms and establishments in their respective sectors or product segment, outstanding quality, exclusivity, innovation and strong vocation of excellence.

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The author: Alizee Lifestyle