Xavier Corbero, one of the most famous Spanish sculptor has opened us the doors of its marvellous house & workshop next to Barcelona, in Esplugues de Llobregat.

In 1969, his idea was to build a house without an architect around a structure of a XVII century house, and started to create caves and subterranean passages as well as a skylight on six levels, becoming the heart of this mansion. The skylight has now become the backbone of the Corbero madness.

xavier corbero

 xavier corbero xavier corbero

xavier corbero

This house, of almost 4,500 square meters, is distributed in nine buildings interconnected by a dozen of patios and that counts on more than 300 arches. The house has 25 bedrooms and bathrooms with bright rooms, with glass doors and wood that use the new technologies. The different heights are interconnected with elevators and incredible stairs, sometimes leading nowhere. 

xavier corbero

Our first feeling when we arrived, was to feel absorbed by the incredible presence of Xavier Corbero, and his sense of welcome and generosity. His labyrinth is surprisingly made mainly of wood and stone. Classic music follows you throughout the visit. We can count dozen and dozen of vaults, doors, windows and moving walls, leading to more and more incredible spaces as studios, living areas, gallery spaces, and a subterranean workshop. The depth of field is the most surprising of this labyrinth. Sometimes a door slides electrically, revealing an improbable room, then a corridor and an office or bedroom. 

In each rooms, you feel more and more absorbed by the stories told around pieces of art, old pictures of Mr.Corbero with his old friend Salvador Dali.

xavier corbero    xavier corbero

xavier corbero

xavier corbero bn-ny345_corber_750v_20160509172944
xavier corbero

At the end of a unforgettable visit back in time of 1.5h , we opened the doors of his workshop, where all his most incredible oversized sculptures,mainly maid of marble, each having a story and meaning are exhibited at a specific place in the workshop.





This visit has been one of a lifestyle experience, and we wanted to share with you this video made of Corbero’s labyrinth by Nowness, which reflects exactly the travel back in time, that we just had.

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