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A dreamy wedding in Formentera

Now that weddings season in officially here it’s the perfect time for taking a look to some great options in case you’re starting to prepare yours for next year.

fc12 fc5 (1) Balearic Islands have definitely become a great option if you’re looking for a different wedding in a unique and paradisiacal location. In this sense, Formentera (Ibiza’s little sister) is starting to get more and more importance although it still maintains its hippy and boho spirit.

Blue Charm Weddings is a company specialized in organizing weddings and celebrations in Formentera and the Lake of Como, taking care of every one of the details and prioritizing the comfort of the guests.

_MG_82690ade0dff-38bd-4e17-a04d-006dd7e3ae38 3a822abf-7c95-41fa-9264-a68b820c6685Their portfolio includes all kinds of celebrations: religious, registry office, secular-humanist (if you’re not legally allowed to marry but still want to hold a celebration with your family or friends) or alternative weddings such as the White party or the country-style weddind, celebrated in the mountains or in an agrotourism-based destination.

e7735765-ddff-473a-837c-53f364673234 (1)38973f63-adb7-41f1-bb7d-1908dd6325cfFrom the church reservation and the wedding design until the music, their services also include acommodation, entertainment, personal coordination, catering, special car hire, decoration and much more.

_MG_2929If you’re looking for a company to organize your wedding in Formentera, visit their website here or contact us for more information.

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