HEART: New concept in Ibiza: Food, Music & Art

Heart Ibiza

Albert Adrià  and Cirque du Soleil are opening a new restaurant, art & music concept next to Marina Botafoch in Ibiza by the end of May.

Heart is a collision between food, music, and live performances.

There will be three different spaces:

1- The terrace, called Baraka, is like a market for street food experiences.

You will pay a very low cover, and then be able to buy coins in order to buy the different international casual food: Portobello hamburgers, Belgian waffles, Chinese dumplings, Mexican tacos, and American hot dogs… all of them with a modern touch.


They will have the Workshop, a dining room where guests will be able to choose two or three different international cuisines from a broad selection. If you choose Japanese and Spanish, you will have five to six dishes from Japan, followed by five or six Spanish dishes. The next day you visit them, you could choose Peruvian, or Mexican, etc.


The third space is like a disco, called Boîte — “nightclub” in French. In this space, they are expecting 600 to 700 people enjoying the art performances and the louder music. Guests will be mostly drinking, but they will also be able to eat salty and sweet snacks.

This new place is still in refurbishment but will be for sure a real success thanks to its key players involved in the project.

The author: Alizee Lifestyle